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)'(, , akkadian, american heritage dictionary, assyriology, ballroom dance, bangor, beer, bicycle commuting, bicycle touring, big things, biking, billy collins, bob dylan, books, boston, braaaaains, breton, brooks saddles, burning man, cat and girl, chainring tattoos, cheese, cheesy pick-up lines, chez geek, chin-ups, civilian space program, clearcase, coffee, comics, command lines, craig arnold, crossword puzzles, cuneiform, cycling, dance, dance dance revolution, dark chocolate, dead reckoning, dense but talented authors, diesel cafe, digital photography, dilletante, dorks, dried cherries, electric cars, experimental fiction, fast women, french, frivolity, ftm, fuel efficiency, games, geek chicks, gender, get fuzzy, getting out more, go, good poetry, grammar, grease, green tea ice cream, halloween, haruspicy, heavy things, hiking, holding my breath, honda, hot beverages, hot showers, hybrids, hypnosis, independent movies, intrepid heroines, language death, languages, leaving marks, linguistics, linux, literature, maine, making lots of noise, medoc, moomintrolls, moribund languages, movies, my kid, no pukin' club, obstacles, paraleipsis, paris-brest-paris, personal evolution, photography, porn, post-modern orgasms, power tools, punctuation, quadriceps, randonneuring, reading, reading too much, really good fruitcake, red wine, rejecting the sapir-whorf hypothesis, rollerblading, running, scrabble, sign language, silk, simplicity, skating, skinny dipping, sleeping in, slender fingers, smells, smelly cheese, soft luxurious sheets, sparseness, squats, stick shift, strength, stumptuous, sullying pure things, sushi, synchronized swimming, t.s. eliot, tango, teaching, the gimp, the language log hotties, things that don't suck, third-wave feminist sexuality, tribe, two-stroke engines, tyler fucking hamilton, typewriters, ultracycling, umeboshi, university of chicago, unlikely interests, video games, vinegar, weightlifting, what you're thinking, wine, wislawa szymborska, wordplay, words, zeugma, zombies
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